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10m Fan USA Daddy-O #6 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

10m Fan USA Daddy-O #6 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Very lightly played 10m Fan USA Daddy-O #6 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. In perfect condition. $450usd from USA.

Amazing player. Below from the website:

““Daddy-O” alto mouthpiece:

Highly versatile and flexible focused sounding alto mouthpiece that produces sounds that range from sweet, warm, and colorful to modern with some brightness, great clarity, and punch. That’s why this is a great all-around mouthpiece model. All the power necessary to lead a modern big band section through modern playing situations. Very versatile and classic sounding. This is not a “dark” mouthpiece, as dark or stuffy is not what an alto mouthpiece should sound like to me. It should sing and ring, whether it’s warm or brighter! You can get all the classic alto vibes from this piece, but this has more power, clarity, brights, and freedom in the blow. If you need even more aggressive, just go with the Showboat model. Its that simple a choice. Bird, Stitt, Hodges, Desmond, Art Pepper, Lou Donaldson, Phil Woods, Cannonball, Charles McPherson, and Dick Oats vibes are certainly all available with this Daddy-O, to name a few. As always, it depends on what the player brings, along with the horn, reeds, etc…. An amazing alto mouthpiece with a harmonic richness not found in more traditional designs. You can play as quiet as you want and as loud as you want and I designed it so it would not be as bright or punchy as the Showboat model can get, but still have lots of volume, killer altissimo, and more power available than most straight ahead alto players have experienced from the vintage models. For me, it’s so much more fun and satisfying to play than any vintage Meyer Bros and all the Category 1 vintage mouthpieces. This includes Brilhart, Selmer, Meyer, Otto Link, etc…), while keeping the tradition and classic alto sound associated with those pieces available. This piece can sing over a big band section or whisper as soft as you can. This alto piece is for the player that digs a classic sound, but this has more freedom and clarity in it. The Daddy-O has a little more resistance built into it than the Showboat, but its not a resistant mouthpiece.

DESIGN: Straight side walls, and a very long medium height baffle compared to the Showboat model.”

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