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*SOLD* 1939 #28k Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone in original Silverplate

*SOLD* 1939 #28k Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone in original Silverplate


More photos available below... Demo video here:


This 1939 (#28k) Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, in original Silverplate is in fantastic playing condition, still in great adjustment after an overhaul by Phil Noy many years ago. It has not been played extensively since.


The silverplating is worn in spots and is currently at approximately 65%. The previous owner played it for over 40 years and there is wear to the keys in line with professional use. There is significant wear to the key touch areas and pearls. It also has a repair to the neck tube where a split has been repaired at some point with a strip of brass to the underside - at the cork/mouthpiece end. The repair has been very well done and a ring was soldered onto the end to protect it. I actually believe this has a positive affect on the sound! This does not affect the way it plays. It is a stunning sounding horn; up there with the best alto's I've ever played. Tuning is excellent and the entire horn sings from low Bb, into the altissimo register.


It comes in a good condition, functional Selmer Mark VII case, latches operate OK. I do have used cases available for extra $.


This instrument is being sold on consignment, so is sold as is.


More detailed photos available here:

    $6,000.00 Regular Price
    $5,000.00Sale Price
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