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1948 Dolnet Series II Silverplate Alto Saxophone

1948 Dolnet Series II Silverplate Alto Saxophone

Serial: #25,XXX - approx. 1948

Fantastic condition Dolnet alto Saxophone in bright Silverplate with lovely art deco features and engraving. The red/brown Bakelite inserts on the guards are beautiful and fully intact.

The plating has worn through to the brass in places, but the silverplate is probably still at 90%. There are some scratches from a sax stand, but no damage whatsoever anywhere on the horn.

This is a bright and punchy horn that plays great over the entire range. An excellent vintage horn that lends itself to jazz and pop. And the deco design is awesome.

It has been fully repadded and setup and comes in its original case with a 12 month warranty on all mechanical parts and pads.

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