*SOLD* 1950s Noblet Alto Saxophone

*SOLD* 1950s Noblet Alto Saxophone

This vintage Noblet alto Saxophone is in spectacular condition and has just been serviced by Rob Davidson at Sax Alive and most of the horn has been repadded. It plays exceptionally well with a unique character reminiscent of a very good Conn 6M but with more French-like focus. It will hold its own against other horns more than twice its price. A solid professional level horn.

The original lacquer is 95% intact. There are virtually no dings or dents, however there is a small dent on the bow, on the main reinforcement rib and some scratching in this area. It is minor however and does not affect playability. The neck is original and does not have any damage.

The case is in excellent condition, however some foam or bubble wrap is needed to keep the sax from moving around.

It comes with a 12 month warranty on all mechanical parts and pads.