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Oscar Adler Triumph “CARADL” Silverplate Alto Saxophone

Oscar Adler Triumph “CARADL” Silverplate Alto Saxophone


Amazing and very rare Oscar Adler Triumph “CARADL” Silverplated Alto Saxophone w gold wash bell and beautiful mother of Pearl key touches. Rolled tone holes! This is a lovely playing horn with a number of extra keys also. Has extra tone hole below D that allows for a forked Eb fingering and improved tuning. Has a lovely full tone reminiscent of a Conn New Wonder II or 6M.

Has been overhauled with black roo pads and it only has a couple of minor dings. May need some tweaking in terms of key heights and potentially removing the g# trill key which can get in the way of E and F.

Comes in an excellent condition shaped SKB case.

This horn is being sold on consignment so is sold as is.

    $1,800.00 Regular Price
    $1,600.00Sale Price
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