René Guénot, A Douchet France Alto Saxophone

René Guénot, A Douchet France Alto Saxophone

This Silverplate Rene Guenot cie A. Douchet, Paris France Alto Saxophone is probably from C. 1940 and is a very well made and fine playing saxophone. Gorgeous chunky Art Deco guards and lovely engraving.

This saxophone has a very elegant, well rounded and relatively dark tone. Some people suggest these saxophones could have been developed for classical players, but it also can feel very lively and vibrant when pushed, so it’s definitely versatile!

It has been checked and is playing very well on older original pads and may need some more pads replaced in the not too distant future. It has a ding on the bow guard and a couple of very minor dings on one side of the neck that do not affect playability at all.

It comes in a stunning sparkle pink “CARE4 cases” shaped fiberglass flight case in excellent condition.

This instrument is being sold on consignment, so is sold as is.