*SOLD* Renard by Fox polypropylene Bassoon

*SOLD* Renard by Fox polypropylene Bassoon

Wonderful condition Renard by Fox black polypropylene Bassoon. Looks and plays like new. Has just been serviced. 

“The Fox 41 Polypropylene Bassoon is ideal for school students, with a construction that is built to last.

The Fox 41 Bassoon features include:

-Polypropylene body
-Nickel plated full German system keys
-Long bore design
-All critical dimensions machine finished
-Plateau key on wing joint third finger hole
-Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, D
Includes: case, Fox C-1 and C-2 bocals, 2 reeds, crutch, 2 swabs and seat strap”

This instrument is being sold on consignment, so is sold as is.