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Saxgourmet Super 400 Tenor Saxophone w/ 3 necks (incl Gloger)

Saxgourmet Super 400 Tenor Saxophone w/ 3 necks (incl Gloger)


Near mint condition, no dings or scratches and the pads are in great shape with Reso-Tech nickel resonators.

Body, bow & bell are made with high Copper content (Rose Brass) which sounds superb; rich and resonant.

Features: Keyed to high G, no stick G#, double arms on Low C, B & Bb key arms and C# speaker key. This horn has great ergonomics, with added options of a 3 ring strap hook. Shoulder-less pivot screws are great for easy adjustment. Abalone key touches look sensational. It is fully engraved top to bottom, even on key cups!

Comes with 3 necks, Neck 1 - Rose Brass, Neck 2 - Solid Copper, Neck 3 - Gloger custom made high density Solid Silver (cost $1100 when new). This tenor has a complex, rich, full & big tone that any player can fall in love with.

This originally cost $11,800 to get into Australia.

Also available without the Custom Gloger neck for $6500. The Gloger is also available separately for $800.

Comes in Protec XL case with pouch for extra neck.

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