*ON HOLD* 1959 SML Gold Medal (Rev D) Tenor Saxophone

*ON HOLD* 1959 SML Gold Medal (Rev D) Tenor Saxophone

This is a spectacular and rare 1959 SML Gold Medal tenor saxophone in excellent condition. It has been fully overhauled recently by legendary technician, Phil Noy with black roo pads. The key action and playing feel is extremely comfortable. It absolutely pops.

This particular SML has a huge and powerful sound, but with that wonderful core to the sound similar to Selmers of the same era. There is a reason that these are considered one of the closest horns you will find to a Selmer Mark VI or SBA. This horn has an amazing sound and plays as good as my Selmer Mark VI worth twice the price.

It has elaborate engraving that helps this rare horn to stand out even further. There is some lacquer wear particularly on the backside of the bell - however it is completely original lacquer. There are a couple of very minor dings on the bow and the neck tenon has been resoldered at some point.

This horn comes in a solid XL Protec shaped case in excellent condition.

This instrument is being sold on consignment so is sold as is.